Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ok, be patient.

I'm a dog. I need naps. I need time to figure out how to post a blog and upload a photo and, hey, is that a squirrel? I'll get to this. I promise....

My Christmas Trip!

Oh, boy! Just got home from the 636 mile trip with Mom to Pennsylvania for Christmas to see the family. Wow! That was far! I sat in the back seat like a good girl, and looked out of the window for most of the trip there- then I went to check on Mom from time to time to make sure she was driving ok, and to see if we were there yet. It was rainy, and wet and foggy. And FAR. Did I say it was FAR?? It was. Mom and I listened to Howard Stern, so it wasn't too bad, but it was forever. We left at 10:30 or so, and didn't get there until almost 6.
When we did get there, we skated across the driveway into the house, and I got to see Cousin Mickey, who growled at me a little, and Aunt Grace, who didn't. Uncle Jimmy was there, and Aunt Shirley. I gave them a good Boxer wiggle, and the set out to find the toys. Mom told me to be a good dog, so I tried my best. When I discovered the basket of toys, I only took them into the den area and tried to squeak them as quietly as possible. There was one that sounded just like a duck, but it scared me, and I wouldn't play with it. The gorilla was a different story. Woo-hoo! Mom only rolled her eyes at me a million times, but I ignored her. Aunt Grace told me I could play with toys as much as I wanted, because Cousin Mickey didn't like toys AT ALL. I made sure I played with each toy, and then left them around in case anyone else wanted to. Sharing is caring! After an hour or so, I got tired, and there were good smells from the kitchen (Mom was in there cooking something she brought in from the car) so I layed down for a few minutes to rest.
The next day was Christmas, and the whole family came over to see me. I wagged my tail and tried very hard to keep all my feet on the floor like I'm supposed to. It was hard, because I really wanted to kiss EVERYONE! I was a good dog all day long, and didn't eat any people food or bark or put too much hair on anyone. And I really liked sleeping in bed with Mom AND Mickey. I never wanted to go back home. Aunt Grace has a dog window where we can sit and look out and watch squirrels and birds and it's the most fun ever. It was especially exciting to watch the squirrel that didn't have a tail. Maybe, one day, I can have my own squirrel without a tail....