Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R.I.P Beatrice.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Thanksgiving.

I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year! Mom told me we were going to a special dinner- but she said it was a surprise, so I knew this could be a real L O N G trip- she takes me all over the place. Maybe we were going to Auntie Grace, or maybe Karen's, or maybe Gramma's!! (I've never been there, because Gramma doesn't love me and they don't invite me, but a dog can dream.) When Thanksgiving Day came, Mom did some odd stuff instead of cook, but I spent the whole morning watching her for clues to see where we were going. She didn't pack a bag for herself, or for me, and that meant we were not going too far. Actually, there was a little cooking- Mom made a mashed cauliflower (not casserole) dish to bring along- and she told me that it was going to be for the "big dinner." Man, I love dinner, so I was pretty excited. Hopefully, there would be delicious dog food. Mom dressed me in my fancy party collar, and put my fancy diamond charm on and told me it was a very special occasion. She put on her own collar, and fancy watch, and in the sun-straight-up-in-the-sky time, we got into the car and off we went. While Mom drove, (I'm not allowed to) I watched very carefully out the window so I could figure out where we were going. I knew right away! We were going to Auntie Amy's and Uncle Dave's! I was very excited- Lexi and Annabelle were there and we all sniffed noses and stuff and got ready to stare at the food all day. There were some new people, too, and I got busy making friends right away.

This is Dave's Mom. She likes Boxers. Or, at least she does now!

Because I am so cute and snuggly, I made sure I spent equal time with Dave's Dad, too. He also likes Boxers. Who doesn't?

This is Lexi, just making sure no one drops a cracker. Or cheese. Or a nut. Or anything else dogs find delicious.

This is both of us on cracker patrol. Unfortunately, there were no food-dropping incidents. But we stayed alert, just in case. I just kept thinking of my favorite scene in "A Christmas Story" where the dog eats the WHOLE turkey!

After dinner, everyone was a little tired, so I picked a person to sit on, and Alexis, well, I'm not sure what she thought she was doing. I know she was tired, because every time she drifted off to sleep, her legs buckled, her butt went sideways, and it woke her up. I don't know if she understood the concept of napping. Only horses and cows sleep standing up, not the Dobermann!  I will have to talk to her about that at dog school next week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dogs love Mom!!

This is Willow when I go pick her up from school. I thought it would be fun to photograph her wiggle butt when she greeted me. It turned out to be a little more difficult than just point and shoot.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little horses love booties!

Little Frankie has little feet. This means that they are a bit less hardy than big horse feet, and he needs some protection. However, miniature horses cannot wear iron shoes like big horses- so they need booties. From Build-A-Bear, to be exact. Queen's Mom informed me that she found shoes at Build-A-Bear, and now Frankie is sporting them on his walks in the woods. Pretty cute. It's taken a while for him to learn how to tie them.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dogs love being creepy!

This is Willow looking out the front window- it's so freaky, she insisted I put it on her blog. It reminds me of the pig in Amityville Horror...

Dogs love the Yankees!

Dogs love security!