Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dogs love furniture!

Ok, I told Mom NOT to put up these pics because I look like a little old lady. It must have been bad lighting- I am certainly very youthful! My stylish gray muzzle looks more white upside down, doesn't yours??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dogs love Police Officers!

Mommy got a speeding ticket! And I got a cookie. So it was kinda cool. Bad mommy! Good Mr. Police Man! Here's a picture of me speeding. But I stay under the dog speed limit so I don't get stopped.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dogs love energy efficiency!

Mom and I seem to have a difference of opinion about saving energy. She bought a giant dog toy (no squeaker!) and put it in front of our door, she says, to help keep the cold out. Isn't that what the door is for? And the new furnace that sounds like a train and makes everything (FINALLY!!) toasty warm? Everytime I go get it, I get a "bad dog" talk and "leave it alone" and "it's not for you" and how we're trying to keep the cold out and the heat in and blah blah blah. I prefer that it sleeps with me in my chair, but Mom keeps taking it away and putting it back in front of the door. What is wrong with people? It looks just like Long Cow, but without the horns. What is a dog expected to do?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dogs love baking! But it's SOOO slow.....

Happy Birthday To my Beloved Puppy!!

I could swear it was today, but no, it was yesterday. At least I know how old SHE is. At any rate, she got a fancy new collar and an updated tag with the right phone number on it if she were to get lost. Or to run away to a warmer living room. And home-made dog cookies are in the oven. I'm sure she'll write later, she's at school with her friends having a big party.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things Mommy says.....

"What is that in your mouth? Spit it out!" (Sometimes I do, sometimes, I don't.)

"Get out of the garbage!" (Then don't make it smell like a buffet for dogs.)

"Don't lick the couch." (But why is it so delicious?)

"Get off the guest bed!" (Huh? I thought it was my bed.)

"You can't sit on my lap while I'm driving." (Why not? Are we sure about this?)

"You have to go out, even if it's snowing." (I don't see her going outside to pee.)