Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dogs Love Bilingual Moms!

Oh boy!! Today was a fun time because Mom and I went to Plymouth to help Auntie Amy train a prison pup, Mona, who was very nice and very smart. We got a refresher course, too, because sometimes Mom forgets that I have to be told some stuff- I'm not perfect all on my own, you know. After we met Mona and some other dogs who need help with their manners in public, Mom noticed I needed a drink. We walked over to a little shop and we passed by lots of people sitting and eating ice cream. One of them said "Ay, mira a esta mujer y su perro feo." ("Hey, check out this chick and her ugly-ass dog.") Before I knew what was going on, we were stopped and Mom was speaking to a lady saying, "Ella es hermosa y muy elegante, pero gracias a su ridícula opinión" ("Really?? Are you not aware that Gringas can speak Spanish, also? Oh, and don't call my dog ugly, bitch.") Then we went into the water store and I got lots of attention because I don't think dogs are allowed in there. But I was good and didn't shop or sniff anything that looked breakable and my water was cold and delicious. Gracias, Mom!