Friday, May 25, 2012

Dogs Love Their Dog Boy Friends!

Here I am with my dog boyfriend, Max. He used to come to school with me all the time, but two years ago he moved away to a far away land called North Carolina. He came back for a visit and when I saw him again, my tail wagged and wagged. He kissed me a lot all day long, which got tiring after a while, but I was really glad to see him.

Here we are laying down in the grass because Mom called Auntie Amy and said, "Hey, can you get a few pics of Willow and Max for her blog?"

This is me with Max and Cash. You can see that they are totally having a good time, because they are BOTH with their dog girl friend. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cats Love Dogs!

Mom was going through some of her pictures on the computer and found these photos of me and my brother, Hobbes. I think she forgot how much he liked to bother me, because she made me look at them and said, "Look how cute you two were, do you want another cat?" I really don't care if we get another cat or not. I mean, they have yummy food and everything, but they also try to steal the warm spot, especially on people's laps, and that's kind of my place now. I guess I could make a place for a new cat brother or sister, but they would have to be really nice and share their cat toys and dinner. And I get the warm spot.