Sunday, July 5, 2015

Train your dog.

I have a new dog. Her name is Harley Diamond and she's a red Doberman. She's a goofball but she's smart and she learns so fast my head spins. As much as I miss my Willow (every day) this girl fills me with fun and glee each day- she really is a wonderful puppy. Harley Diamond is 8 months old, and we have spent a lot of time together with me teaching her right and not so right, to sit, to stay, to wait in doorways, to look to me for guidance in new situations, to fetch and come and all the dog stuff. We work at this every day, for hours sometimes, so she can fit into my life, and society, nicely. Don't chase the cat, don't pull on the leash, jump in the car, sit until I say jump out of the car, no barks, no nips, no teeth on people EVER, be nice for pats from the old and the young. It is training 24/7. So, when I encounter YOUR dog on or off leash, and she/he makes my puppy show her teeth in submission or pee or cower on the ground, my very good, respectful puppy, mind you, maybe that's a sign to you that your dog needs some work. When you say, "Oh, he's good with other dogs" and then growls and charges my immature dog who is not sure what to think since all I have done is show her that other people and dogs are kind and trustworthy, maybe you should work on your dog. I'm not a very aggressive person, but when my sweet, trusting, perfectly socialized dog is cowering in fear because your dog is intimidating her, I may just have to get in your face a little bit. I have some friends who have a dog-agressive dog. They have gone out of their way to make him safe around other dogs and they are so responsible and on top of this situation that all I have is respect for them. But this week, Harley and I have encountered so many dogs in public that have tried to injure her, and possibly me, that I am beginning to think that no one cares to train their dog. Train your dog. Just train your dog.