Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dogs love dogs!

Dogs love Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dogs love vacation.

Mommy has taken me on a trip. Usually, I watch her pack my stuff, and try to figure out if A, I'm going to Auntie Amy's House of Dog Fun, or 2, some fun place with Mommy. This time, it was hard to tell, but it ended up that I was going along with Mom. We left really, really early in the morning, because Mommy was watching the Magic Box and it said there was a lot of snow coming. Mommy said some curse words, and off we went. Really, really fast. We made a few stops first, to get some special items we should have gotten a few days before, then we were on the road. We got to Auntie Karen's in record time, since no one else was driving on the day of a blizzard. And then came the snow. And Hanukah. I got a present! Here are some pictures Mommy took. I had to oversee some snow removal, and I spend a lot of time hanging out with Maggie, who did not get a Snuggie for Hanukah, so she covets Dana's. I stole ham out of the garbage and got in trouble (geez!!!) but I take myself out across the street after breakfast and dinner. Yesterday, I held it for 6 hours until the driveway was cleared. I'm a dog, not a polar bear.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I love CHEESE!!

I don't get to help Mom cook, ever. My sister baked a cake once, but I don't seem to have the ability to cook stuff. I taste things, though. Once, Mom brought me bacon flavored popcorn, and I got to watch it blow up in the microwave and then I got to eat it. It was pretty darn tasty. Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, and a really good dog (No chicken fat, no! Bad dog!) Mom will let me taste a thing or two. She's been making these ridiculous sandwiches for two days, so I've been smelling the bread baking (I LOVE BREAD) and smelling the pork roasting (I DON'T KNOW IF I LOVE PORK. NOT ALLOWED) and just keeping a close eye on the goings-ons. Tonight, I hit the mother load. Apparantly, the sandwiches are for today, and as I was sound asleep I heard Mom say, "Who wants to taste the cheese?" I was in the kitchen before I was awake. Super Taster #3. That's me. It was yum.