Friday, June 29, 2012

Dogs love sisters?

Mom told me today I am not getting a sister after all. That kind of bites, because I was totally looking forward to stealing her food, her toys and teaching her how to eat chicken fat out of the garbage. I guess the sister Mom was looking at was not going to fit into our family- she was showing her doggy behavior (I see nothing wrong with this) by going after food her own dog mom was trying to eat, and when her dog mom said "NO!" in dog language, my potential sister went back and tried again. And again. And again. The puppy-making lady said this would make a fine dog for someone who wanted a dog to train to protect or perhaps serve the armed forces. There were also some German words that I don't understand. The other possibility was a little red brother, but Mom and I think we are going to wait. Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave are still getting Elvis, so I can be his Auntie and steal his stuff. It's what any good role model would do.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dogs love Little Sisters!

Mommy came home today smelling like puppy juice and puppy hair and I sniffed her all over. Then she says, "I got us a puppy. So you can be a big sister, like Molly was to you." She said the puppy was very little and won't be here for a while, and she doesn't have a name yet. Aunt Amy and Uncle Dave are getting a puppy from the same family, and his name is Elvis. I am kind of excited, I love Dobies, but puppies get on my nerves. As long as I still get my hugs, it will all be fine. (My new sister is the black and tan with the pink collar.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doberman Rescue Unlimited Open House.

GO HERE for some great pics of DRU's Open House. Although Willow wasn't able to go, she said I could post here since she is a great fan of the Dobermann. It was a fantastic event, and Amy, Dave and I took a truck full of goodies up for the 42 dogs kept there. We met awesome dog after awesome dog, including 4-month-old Eli, who would eventually go blind due to a congenital disorder. His Mom was great, and it's obvious this breed of dogs has a fantastic following. Do I have a new Doberman? No. Not yet..... But it was pretty hard to walk away from Molly's twin. Named... Molly.

Dogs Love Time Out!

This is me in Bad-Dog!-Time-Out. I got in some big trouble today when I was helping clean up in the kitchen. Mom wasn't home, and I smelled that she forgot to put a pan in the sink, so I was trying to move it for her. Usually, I don't ever get up on the counter, because only bad dogs do that, but I was being a GOOD dog and trying to help out. Unfortunately, I was not given a moment to explain when Mom walked in the door to find me standing over an upside-down sheet pan that had been full of DE-LISH-US chicken fat/juice (did I say delicious?) and other chicken part renderings. There was some loud talking, and then I tried to go invisible (fail) and I was banished to the wet out-of-doors while Mom licked the floor clean (I was about to take care of that, btw. Geez. Give a dog a minute.) 

By the time I looked pathetic enough to be allowed back in the house, the floor was all clean and Mom was not speaking to me. I put myself in my Bad-Dog!-Time-Out spot, all cold and wet, (since the usual dog hair dryer treatment seemed out of the question.) I shivered a little for good measure, but Mom didn't notice. Not even a paper towel was offered my way. 

Despite being treated unfairly without due process, I wagged my tail anytime Mom walked by, and even though she didn't tell me to, I stayed in my spot for 2 hours.  Eventually, she must have realized her horrible unfair treatment, and she told me I could get up. I won't be helping out in the kitchen any time soon. Chefs are too temperamental.