Sunday, August 30, 2009

House Fetch....

Mom invented a cool new game. I'm so bored I'm like a cat. I sleep. I wash my foot. I eat. I poop. I look at the rain. I sit on Mom. Only thing I can't seem to figure out is purring- but I can make some other sounds. I get yelled at for them, though. Mom's a b*tch. Anyway, tonight when Mom got home from abandoning me yet again, she invented a new game when she realized I am close to my dog breaking point from Williams Drive Fever. (It's like the cabin kind, but no bears or avalanches.) House Fetch! It's the best game EVER!!! First, I carry my favorite toy around, and Mom pretends to be afraid of me when I growl. Then, she chases me and gets me to give her my toy, and she flings it up the stairs. I leap up all the stairs at once, get my toy, and leap down all the stairs at once, jump on the couch, over the coffee table and onto the chair. Of course, I make deadly dog growling sounds and Mom has to chase me and get my toy so we can do it all again. For the first time in a week, I actually had to lie down and rest after about 20 minutes of House Fetch. It's very rigorous. Uh, oh.... here she comes.... gotta go!!

Stupid Rain!!

This has been a longgggg week. Mommy is working a lot, and Day Care was closed for vacation, so I have been lonely and bored. Yesterday, we were supposed to go to Plymouth for the Doggy Waterfront Festival, but it RAINED. And RAINED. Mom had to open the pool filter and leave it open all day so the pool wouldn't overflow. Maybe that's what flooded the basement! Has anyone seen the sun?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Mommy has gone back to running. Great plan. It's only one million degrees out, and I can't deal. Of course, she drags me along. I hate Mommy. So, I licked this mushroom to freak her out. That was fun.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tired today...

I'm tired today. I didn't wake up for breakfast (dog food) and then, I just slept on the couch all day. Mom is starting to worry. I went outside for a little while, but I just slept in the grass (weeds) in the back yard. I didn't even get in the car to go to school today. I ate my dinner (dog food) and then went back out to sleep some more. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I love the fat!

I ate a whole hunk of chicken fat out of the garbage on Saturday. I got yelled at and a swat on the butt. Mom never hits me, so I guess it was pretty bad. I farted it up all night long. Yee-ha!!